Qualifying Venues - State Steinholding Championship Tournaments

We're looking for partner venues to host Qualifying Round Competitions as well as the State Championship Finals for the following states for 2021! For this year, we are limiting registration to 30 Qualifying Venues per state, so if you want to get in on the Steinholding action, don't wait or you could end up missing out.

  • Pennsylvania (State Championship Venue will be SteelStacks Oktoberfest in Bethlehem, PA on October 10th, 2021; still accepting Qualifying Venue registrations)
  • Connecticut (State Championship Venue will be Two Roads Brewing Company in Stratford, CT on October 3rd 2021; still accepting Qualifying Venue registrations)
  • Ohio (State Championship Venue will be Germania Society in Cincinnati on November 6th, 2021; still accepting Qualifying Venue registrations)
  • Arizona (State Championship Venue will be (still registering both State Championship and Qualifying Venues)

Not in one of these states but still want to host a competition? Click here for more info.

What's in it for me and my venue?

Great question- there are a number of benefits to hosting a U.S. Steinholding Association State Championship Qualifying Competition:

  • Steinholding competitions are among the best interactive promotional events you can host to engage your fans and attract new patrons to your venue, especially if you host a multi-round competition in-house which will have people coming back for more over several weeks.
  • You'll be getting huge cross-promotion for your venue from our State Championship partners and USSA through our Competition Map, State Championship pages, and our targeted social media promotion of your venue's Steinholding events.
  • The State Championship finalists will be competing for bigger prizes and the title of State Champion, but they can only qualify by competing at exclusive registered qualifying venues.
  • Your program registration comes with a one-year USSA Venue Membership (a $99 value itself) including:
    • Our extensive competition planning and set-up guide to walk you through hosting a competition and make it super easy for you to get started
    • Our official judging manual to help train your judges by providing extra explanations of the rules and proper form
    • You'll have access to our Steinholding experts who will use their years of experience to help walk you through setting up your competition(s) if you have any questions or issues
    • Specialized Member Venue icons on our Competition Map
    • Extra advertising for your venue/event on our State Championship and social media pages
    • Discounts on any USSA-branded stein purchases
    • Discounts on any USSA merch purchases
    • ...and more!
  • You can charge a competition entry fee for your qualifying round events to drive extra revenue, especially if you put together some special "Steinholding Night" promotions or discounts for your Steinholding participants. This is completely optional and we leave it up to you to do what works best for your venue, but it is common for competitions to have an entry fee and we can help you set a number.
  • If a representative from your venue wins the State Championship finals, as our congratulations and thanks to you for helping us advance the sport of Steinholding in your state we'll gift you with a free entry into the next year's State Championship program!

Ok, this sounds great, what are my responsibilities as an official Qualifying Venue?

We need venue partners like you to make the sport accessible by hosting Qualifying Competitions! Here are the basic requirements for participating Qualifying Competition Venues:

  • NOTE: You will be responsible for setting up and judging your own competition. U.S. Steinholding provides our Set-Up Guide and Judging Manual and we are happy to answer any questions you may have to make it easy for you to be comfortable running your own event, but unless we come to a separate agreement, USSA will not be able to be on-site to conduct the competition for you given the number of competition events taking place across multiple states.
  • Host a Steinholding Qualifying competition (both men's and women's competitions) to identify your in-house men's and women's champions in advance of your state's Championship Finals and share their contact info with us as soon as you have it, so we know who to expect at the finals. Competitors must be 21 and older.
    • We recommend hosting your own multi-round in-house tournament to build more hype and find the strongest competitors to represent your location in the State Finals
    • As we mentioned above, we provide an extensive Competition Set-up Guide as part of Venue Membership to make sure your competition goes smoothly and help you decide how to customize the best competition format for your specific venue, and we're always happy to answer any additional questions that you have
  • Use the USSA official rules at your competitions. We also provide our expanded Judging Manual as part of Venue Membership to help make sure your judges know what they're talking about when it's game time.
  • Use 1L dimpled glass steins for your competition. This is key to maintain an even playing field for competitors at all Qualifying Venues. You can purchase our official logo steins with a 20% discount, use your own if you have some, borrow some from a friend, buy some from someone else- we want to be as flexible as possible, but they have to be 1L dimpled glass Masskrug style steins.
  • We recommend offering a prize for your in-house champions. A t-shirt or other swag with your logo that your winners can wear when representing you at the State Championship Finals is a great choice and competition winners traditionally get to keep their stein for practice, but your in-house prize is up to you.
  • Promote your local event and the State Championship event at your venue, on social media, etc.
  • Register your bar, brewery, festival, etc. and pay the Program Entry Fee ($99 for 2021) using the link below. We are starting with a low registration fee for this year so we can cover our costs but encourage more participation and help re-opening venues get back on their feet coming out of the pandemic.

Thinking about it but still on the fence? No worries there, you can shoot us an email at jbanko@ussteinholding.com with any questions and/or we can set up a phone call to talk things through if you'd prefer. Just remember that we are limiting the number of venues to 30 per state and we expect to fill all of these spots, so register or contact us ASAP if you're interested.


In A Different State?

Want to bring a championship event to your state? If you have a bar, brewery, or festival that wants to host a competition, we would love to partner with you to set up an event in your state. We're looking for a minimum of 15 qualifying venues to host a state championship. You can help us to get to this minimum by asking around in your brewers' guild or restaurant group or contacting your friends with venues. We can build from there. Contact the USSA Commissioner's office at jbanko@ussteinholding.com and let us know if you're interested!

Want to host an independent USSA sanctioned competition at your venue? You don't need to be part of a state championship series to host awesome Steinholding events for your patrons. You can still enjoy the benefits of working with the U.S. Steinholding Association becoming a Member Venue. Check out the benefits of membership here.

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