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The US Steinholding Association was formed as a means of promoting the sport of Steinholding/Masskrugstemmen and bringing it to a wider audience.

We love the athleticism, sheer determination and sportsmanship that we have seen in our years of experience with steinholding and we want to share​ it​ ​nationwide!.

We hope to accomplish this through the following means:

  • Establish a governing body for the sport by providing a well defined, standardized set of rules by which competitions should be judged.
  • Providing an access point to newcomers by creating a resource for finding competition locations nationwide.
  • Posting competition results to honor the hard work and determination of steinholding competitors.
  • Chronicling the history of the sport from its roots in medieval Bavaria through modern day competitions.
  • Providing training guides for competitors who want to extend their times and move to a higher level of competition.

More Masskrugstemmen Content

Official Steinholding Rules

In the experience of the USSA, rules and enforcement are often inconsistent between competitions. In order to ensure that all competitors are being judged fairly and to the same standards, the following rules have been established. There are multiple judges present at the National Masskrugstemmen Championship to enforce these rules, so it is important for all competitors to know them in advance and incorporate them early into their training to ensure good form.

How to Train for Steinholding

Discover how to train for steinholding so you can dominate the competition. Learn from national champion​s​ and record ​setting competitors.

Where to Compete in Masskrugstemmen

Bars​, restaurants​ and festivals​ across the country host Masskrugstemmen competitions but finding them can be difficult. Here's our comprehensive list of competitions in your area.

US Steinholding Blog

Here is where we will post interviews with champions, updated contest results, product reviews, and anything else we think you'll like.

US Steinholding Association Sponsors

We are always on the lookout for sponsors. I​f you're i​nterested in becoming one, just let us know!

Masskrugstemmen Merchandise

We have all the steinholding and Masskrugstemmen merchandise you'll want to wear when you crush the competition.

Steinholding FAQs

Masskrugstemmen, or beer steinholding, is a relatively new competition in America but here's everything you need to know about what beer steinholding is.

Steinholding Competition Results

Here are all the winners of the national steinholding competition, held each year in New York City.

Press and Media

​Links to some mentions of US Steinholding Association​ and our great sport in the media!