Competitors Wanted - State Steinholding Championship Tournaments

State Steinholding Championship Tournaments are coming! Are you ready?

This year -2022- is the year of the State Championship Tournament here at U.S. Steinholding Association! We're kicking off our even more State-wide tournaments, so do you have what it takes to be the best Steinholder in your state?

If you want to compete in a State Championship Finals and have a shot at state-wide notoriety, prizes, and more, you'll have to prove you're tough enough by qualifying first. Check out the list of State Championship qualifying locations by clicking on your state below. Remember, there may be other independent Steinholding competitions in your state, but only venues that registered with the U.S. Steinholding Association and are listed in the links below are eligible to send representatives to the State Finals! Note: There's going to be beer in those steins, so you must be 21 or older to compete in the State Championship Finals!

We're starting off with a handful of states that take Steinholding seriously, but if you think your state has what it takes to host a State Championship series, let us know! We're looking for at least 10-15 registered venues to host qualifying round competitions if we're going to put a state championship title up for grabs, and we need a truly great venue to host the State Championship Finals. Talk to your favorite bars, breweries, festivals, etc., and tell them you want some Steinholding in your town and share this link with them.

Where to Compete:

Once you've found your qualifying venue, it's time to start training! Check out our Steinholding Training articles to prepare you for the big leagues. With competitors coming from across the state to battle it out, you'll need to be ready if you want to take on the best, so use our training tips to get in peak Steinholding form. We collected training techniques and game-day preparations from the best Steinholders in the business but the rest is up to you, so it's time to get to work.

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