State Finals Venues - State Steinholding Championship Tournaments

We're looking for the best venue in each state to help us host a truly spectacular State Championship Tournament Finale! Pre-qualified Steinholders from across the state and their adoring fans will flock to the State Championship venue where the competitors will go head to head for the glory of being crowned State Champion. These events are going to be amazing displays of determination and athletic prowess, but we don't expect you to host one out of the goodness of your heart. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect as a State Championship Venue:

  • Huge cross-promotion for your venue- we'll be advertising for the State Finals all across your state, and so will all of the your state's qualifying venues
  • Steinholding is great programming and a sanctioned State Championship will draw massive crowds and keep people talking about your venue all year long
  • You don't have to host qualifying round competitions (unless you want to) but you will still be able to send a men's and women's competitor to represent you in the finals
    • We'll waive the Qualifying Venue program registration fee ($99) for you if you choose to host qualifying rounds
    • Your competitors will have home field advantage
  • We'll work out the logistics and on-site competition setup details with you in advance so you'll have our expert assistance, which means less work for you
  • We'll provide you with remote training for your judges and Q&A sessions for you and your staff to make sure you're comfortable going into your competition event. If we can (depending on your location and our team's availability), we'll try to be there on the day of the State Finals with expert judges for the competition and help make sure everyone has an awesome time
  • You can use our logo and name in your event advertising and we can collaborate on co-branded materials and merchandise
  • You get a free one-year USSA Venue Membership
  • You get a discount on any USSA stein and merch purchases
  • We're looking to establish long-term partnerships with the best venues, so if things go well, we'll prioritize your application in future years if you want to host the State Championship finals again

Don't worry if you've never hosted a Steinholding competition before- we'll work through the details with you. If you have a great venue and you can handle the following requirements, we can help you figure out the rest:

  • Host a festival or special event to coincide with date of State Championship, occurring on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, sometime between late September and mid-November
  • Your event space must be able to accommodate a minimum of a 25-30 competitors at a time and tables (folding or otherwise) to be placed in front of the competitors
  • Contribute the Championship prizes: a minimum of $1000 in cash prizes (two $500 cash prizes, one each for the men's and women's State Championship winners). If your venue or event has sponsors or partners, you may be able to get them to cover the cash prizes. Alternate prizes (x2 with values of at least $500 each) can potentially be substituted for cash prizes with USSA's prior approval.
  • Provide 1L dimpled glass steins for the State Championship Finals- we require that USSA branded logo steins be used for the Championship Finals. We want the best Steinholders in your state to be competing in style and you'll get the steins at our lowest possible price, dependent on current cost of materials. NOTE that while the cost may vary, as an example, for the 2021 season this was $8 per stein plus shipping. If we can find a mutually convenient day and time (and depending on location) we'll waive the shipping fee and deliver the steins to you directly ourselves
  • Provide the beer to fill the Championship Round competition steins. If you have a brewery or beer distributor working with you for your event, it shouldn't be too difficult to secure an extra keg or two of beer as part of a sponsorship for your festival or event. While water can be used to fill the competition steins during Qualifying Round competitions, we encourage the use of beer during the State Championship Finals to give the competitors the most authentic experience (and something delicious to sip on once the competition is over)
  • Stage and/or outdoor space is preferred for the State Championship Finals competition, but an indoor or covered back-up space is also required in case of inclement weather- once we agree on a date and start advertising it, we're locked in, so there's no option for a rain date
  • Help us promote the qualifying rounds and Championship Finals event on site at your event, on your website/social media, etc.
  • When the best Steinholders from across your state descend on your venue for the State Finals, treat them like the VIPs they are and help them have an awesome experience at your event

Our pilot program to roll out State Championship Tournaments in 2021 went great and we want to make the 2022 Steinholding Season even bigger. So if you have a great venue for hosting a State Championship and you think we can find 15 venues in your state to get set up as qualifiers (15 qualifying venues is our minimum target for setting up a state-wide event), let us know because we are open to expanding into more states if there is enough Steinholding interest. If you're part of a brewers' guild, restaurant group, or similar collective, you've got a huge head start so let us know and we can work on recruiting venues together!

  • California - State Championship Venue will be Natomas Oktoberfest in Sacramento, CA on October 1st, 2022; recruiting for Qualifying Venue registrations is now open!
  • Massachusetts - State Championship Venue will be Jack's Abby Craft lagers in Framingham, MA on October 2nd, 2022; recruiting for Qualifying Venue registrations is now open!
  • Connecticut - State Championship Venue will be Two Roads Brewing Company in Stratford, CT on October 8th, 2022; recruiting for Qualifying Venue registrations is now open!
  • Pennsylvania - State Championship Venue will be SteelStacks Oktoberfest in Bethlehem, PA on October 9th, 2022; recruiting for Qualifying Venue registrations is now open!
  • Arizona - State Championship Venue will be Four Peaks Oktoberfest in Tempe, AZ- October 9th, 2022; recruiting for Qualifying Venue registrations is now open!
  • Ohio - State Championship Venue will be Germania Society in Cincinnati, OH on October 22nd, 2022; recruiting for Qualifying Venue registrations is now open!
  • New Jersey - State Championship Venue will be King's Road Brewing Co. in Medford, NJ on October 22nd, 2022; recruiting for Qualifying Venue registrations is now open!
  • Vermont - State Championship Venue will be von Trapp Brewing Co. in Stowe, VT on October 22nd, 2022; recruiting for Qualifying Venue registrations is now open!
  • If you're interested and meet the criteria above, contact the USSA Commissioner's office at to learn more or to apply to become one of our inaugural State Championship host venues.

    Don't want to host the State Championship but you want to get involved as a qualifying round host venue? We would love to have you! Check out this link for Qualifying Venue information.

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