U.S. Steinholding Logo and Co-Branded Banners

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U.S. Steinholding Logo and Co-Branded Banners: $49.99 - $64.99 each (includes shipping)!

Make your competition space colorful and official with our USSA logo banners or with a custom co-branded banner that includes your logo right next to ours!

As a member's-only benefit, we'll work with you to coordinate integration of our logos together or you can purchase USSA logo banners (see example banners below) and we'll have them shipped directly to your venue. It's a super easy way to spruce up your competition event!

All banners are single-side printed, made of durable, high quality vinyl, and include reinforced grommet holes in all 4 corners (and two more in the center of the banner at the top and bottom for the 2'x'8 options) for easy hanging. They're also lightweight enough that double-sided carpet tape can be used to attach them to a folding table, stage, etc. (rope and tape not included).

We've been re-using our first batch of these banners for a few years now and we can attest to their quality and durability. Once you're done with them, just make sure they're clean and dry and you can roll them up for easy and compact storage in their shipping box until your next competition.

Note: Please order early because banner orders will have up to a 10-business day lead time.

Minimum order size is 3 pieces for banners, but you can use your Member Discount and mix and match sizes and designs at no additional charge. Once you order, we'll get in touch with you to get your logo file and put together a proof for the banners.

  • 2'x6' USSA logo banners - $49.99 each, including shipping
  • 2'x6' co-branded logo banners - $49.99 each, including shipping
  • 2'x8' USSA logo banners - $64.99 each, including shipping
  • 2'x8' co-branded logo banners - $64.99 each, including shipping

These are the most popular sizes since they work very well to attach to standard sized folding tables, but if you're looking for a different sized banner or other professionally printed signage using the USSA logo, contact us and we can discuss other options.

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