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The U.S. Steinholding Association was formed as a means of promoting the sport of Steinholding/Masskrugstemmen and bringing it to a wider audience.

In our years of training, competing, judging, and organizing Steinholding competitions, we have seen incredible examples of athleticism, determination, and sportsmanship. So we made it our goal to share these experiences across the country and the world.

We hope to accomplish this through the following means:

  • Establishing a governing body for the sport by providing a well-defined, standardized set of rules by which competitions should be judged.
  • Providing an access point to newcomers by creating a resource for finding competition locations nationwide.
  • Creating resources to help bars, restaurants, festivals, and other venues set up and host great steinholding competitions.
  • Posting competition results to honor the hard work and determination of steinholding competitors.
  • Chronicling the history of the sport from its roots in medieval Bavaria through modern day competitions.
  • Providing training guides for competitors who want to extend their times and move on to a higher level of competition.
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